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Fir§t Law


The complete "Revelation 5.2"-EP, CDM, State Art, 1998

For me, Wako is still the perfect example of what happens when your country decides to make you part of a 'national endurance test'. Will the natives, aka citizens of this country, stay docile or will they restlessly rise from their knuckles to utter irritated discontent? Of course, the outcome was just as depressing as it was to expect, and I hope a got THIS right into the music.

"Like a light that shines in a dark place"

5 min 22"

7,37 mb

"Profaned amongst the heathens"

8 min 25"

11,5 mb

"'Shootout' down in waco"

6 min 04"

8,32 mb



Released on the "Natural Order"-Compilation. DLP, State Art, 1998

It all started with my big mouth. One dark night in the spring of 1998, ML, mastermind of Turbund Sturmwerk, and me sifted through his collection of dubious recordings when we came over Jim Jones firing up his audience for a nice cup of Kool Aid. In a moment of fragile ingenuity I declared JJ one of the most underestimated voices of soul music, and ML, calling my certain bluff, told me to “Proof it!”. And so I did.

"Holy War"

4 min 58"

6,81 mb


Released on "...in the crystal cage", ikonen:media, 2004

Summer 2004, right after the release of “Beyond IO” I longed for a vacation. But the offer to participate came on short notice and so back to the studio it was. But then again, I recorded one of my most favourite tracks that never made in on a regular album and, at least for me, there is hardly any better way to spend a vacation anyway! You can also here the first gleaming of things to come. Though closer in time to “Beyond IO”, I personally regard <<LOST IN TRANSMISSION>> a predecessor to the much darker “Chaos Structure” album.


6 min 19"

8,67 mb




Sometimes I need to record something different. To let things go their way. Often enough, I end up with a track that has got nothing at all to do with Fir§t Law and there is no way I would release them as Fir§t Law tracks. But I still like to do them just for ME without any intention to actually share them.

But sometimes I come up with a track... that I like to much to leave it to eternal bit-rot. Now, I think there is some space on my web-server left to scratch this particular itch. No guarantee that you will like it. Though... some do like it spicy...



Minimal country blues (feat. Simon House) meets hardcore funk guitars (feat. me) on a hefty big beat (feat. My Intel Pentium 200MMX).

The summer hit of 1997, at least in my living room.

"John the Revelator"

5 min 09"

7,08 mb