If you expected to find here some photos of me, I'm sorry. I love to take pictures but I hate to get photographed myself.

For the cover of “Chaos Structure” I came up with an artwork that utilised a specific kind of photos; basically lights in the dark shot with a very long exposure and a moving camera. Though I found them a bit to simple to use them without tons of post-production, I still like the unaltered unprocessed original pictures. Some of them ended up a part of the “Bad Influence” video or as part of the Fir§t Law web-site but most of the pictures never found a use. Until now.

My hallway. Black neon light and fluorescent colour on purple wallpaper. Exposure 1 to 1.5 seconds, varying aperture settings.

My car in front of a shop with a very intense blue light in the window. Exposure 1.5 to 2 seconds.

My way home, the camera mounted on the passenger seat. Exposure 2 seconds, automatically shot every 30 seconds.

Alien invasion. Shot without special technique but I did some post-production just to make the unbearable ethereal view a little bit more bearable.