It is this very special time of year again!

No, I'm not talking about Christmas.

Christmas comes around every year, I'm talking about a much rarer occasion. Something much more festive and moving than this. Of course, I am talking about … wait for it …

the release of a new Fir§t Law-CD!


Also available in a limited edition coupled with “Condemned To Repeat”; a five track, forty minutes plus E. P. comprising some of the best songs sadly not written by me.

It's true, it's been a while since the last CD “Terrorforming”, mostly due to unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances; namely some of the hardware crashing. In part my computer. In multiple parts myself. But things are back to working order for quite a while now and so finally I can give the world what it is craving so desperately. Or deserves so badly, decide for your self.

But for all those always on the look-out for a fresh take on things, maybe you should commit the name “The Viral Dread” to your memory. Some time ago, Hans Johm of Antlers Mulm fame and my humble self joined forces to ravage the world, plunder it's treasures and, along the way, immanentise the eschaton. But as things turned out, this planet will not get away so basically unscathed. Mental walls will crumble and world views will turn to ash! The 1 will not add to the 1 to become 3, it will MULTIPLY IT to become... whatever!

I cannot give away all the details yet, just some hints. Slow, dominating rhythms with a very strong off-beat. Distorted basses playing any beat but the 1 (Not the 1 above, another 1. There is always another 1.). And the most intimate vocals you ever heard from Hans. Adding up to...
Well... you will see.

And trust me, you will be surprised!